Zhangzhou White Fungus

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Zhangzhou snow fungus is the most famous of many snow fungus. Because of the suitable local climate, it is warm in winter and cool in summer, so the breeding snow fungus has thick flesh, denser whole flower, refreshing and sweet aroma when eaten. Snow fungus is rich in protein and vitamins, which can resist aging and wrinkle. Snow fungus is also a nourishing product that nourishes the spleen and appetite, replenishes qi and clears the intestines, nourishes yin and nourishes the lungs. Add it to soup or sugar water to enjoy, sweet and delicious.

Snow ear, also known as white fungus, white fungus, white fungus and other son, efficacy sweet, light, flat, non-toxic, both Spleen appetizer, another bowel Qi, Yin and lungs role, can be soothing, beauty , Nourish the face, have the effect of prolonging life.

Snow fungus is sweet, light and flat in nature. Enter the heart, lungs, stomach, and kidney meridians. Also known as white fungus, white ear, mulberry goose, white fungus, white ear, white fungus, and Wudingzhi. It is hailed as the crown of bacteria. It is not only a valuable nutritional tonic, but also a tonic for strengthening and strengthening the body. The royal nobles of the past dynasties regarded snow fungus as a longevity product and a good medicine for longevity.

As a nutritional supplement, it is suitable for the elderly, weak, women and children, and those who are weak after illness. It also has the function of strengthening and strengthening the body. It is often used to treat elderly chronic bronchitis and other diseases. It is especially suitable for patients with hypertension and vascular sclerosis. In addition, snow fungus also has the effects of calcium supplementation, weight loss and skin rejuvenation.

The nutritional value of snow fungus

The nutritional value of snow fungus is even comparable to that of bird's nest, so it is also a health food that cannot be missed.

1. Snow fungus is rich in vitamin D, which can prevent the loss of calcium.

2. Snow fungus protein contains 17 kinds of amino acids, and 3/4 amino acids necessary for human body can be provided by Tremella.

3. Snow fungus also contains a variety of minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, etc., among which calcium and iron are high in content.

4. Snow fungus also contains glycogen such as trehalose, polypentose, mannitol, etc., which has high nutritional value and has the function of strengthening and strengthening. It is a high-level nourishing tonic.

5. There are rich dietary fiber in snow fungus.

When everyone eats snow fungus, they must feel that snow fungus has a sticky taste. This is not because it is rich in collagen, but the polysaccharides contained in snow fungus, which is a soluble dietary fiber.

Not only can it better moisturize the intestines, but it also has a good effect on regulating the beneficial intestinal flora. For people with poor intestinal tracts and frequent constipation, you may wish to consume some snow fungus to nourish the intestines. In addition, this snow fungus polysaccharide substance also has a good effect on improving the body's immunity.

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