Sliced American Ginseng

Sliced American Ginseng

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American ginseng is sweet, slightly bitter, and cool in nature. It is used for deficiency of qi and body fluid, fatigue, thirsty and dry throat; yin deficiency and fire, cough due to displeasant heat, or blood in sputum In recent years, it has been dominating the high-end health market. In addition to its price, the price of American ginseng is also reflected in its curative effect. But did you know? Different ways of eating American ginseng have different effects.

Containing the ancient treatment for people who are feverish into the pericardium and mentally coma can apply a cold medicine on his tongue. Because the tongue is the seedling of the heart, the heart passes through the pharynx and enters the tongue, so the biggest effect of taking American ginseng is to clear upset and heal the pharynx. pain.

Soaking a cup of hot water and putting a few slices of American ginseng is also the choice of many people. Soaking American ginseng in water will give you the power of lightness. Traditional Chinese medicine decoctions are more concentrated and lower. The broth enters the spleen and kidneys, and the fresh water is on the heart and lungs. Friends with lung disease may wish to soak in water.

Soup and ginseng stew soup is also good. Chinese medicine says that qi and blood are homologous. To replenish the blood must make up the qi, otherwise it will be dead blood. American ginseng stew soup is especially suitable for female friends, especially women with deficiency-heat syndrome during menopause. Add some meat foam and goji berry. Or chai chicken, it's a delicacy.

American ginseng is a tonic but not dry, high-end health product suitable for both men and women. Among them, American ginseng is better than other varieties in terms of quality and nutritional value.

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