Dried Natural Inch size Mushroom

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Dried shiitake mushrooms after the sun will increase the nutrient content of vitamin D. Moderate consumption will help the body's absorption and use of calcium, and help strengthen teeth and bone health.

Cun mushroom and Hua Cun Mushroom:the size of the mushroom umbrella is less than one inch, called"Cun Mushroom", if there is popcorn, it is called"Hua Cun mushroom"

Mushroom:There is no obvious popping and uneven cracks, generally called Mushroom

Flower Mushrooms:Mushroom umbrellas are cracked, forming obvious cracks (commonly known as"popped flowers"). These mushrooms are called Flower Mushrooms


Flower mushrooms are divided into three types:wood mushrooms, imitation wood mushrooms, and wood chaff mushrooms. Log Mushroom is a method invented by Japanese Dr. Kisaku Mori by cutting a large oak tree trunk into sections and placing it in the forest. Then, the mushroom fungus is implanted to allow it to grow naturally. Nowadays, because of environmental protection, thinner logs are used to chop the trunk to imitate the log to cultivate mushrooms, which are called imitation wood mushrooms. The sawdust for cultivating Sawdust Mushroom is broken up a bit more.

Among the 3 types of mushrooms, log mushrooms have the least yield and the most expensive, with a strong aroma. Imitation wood mushrooms have a lighter scent, but are thicker and more refreshing; wood chaff mushrooms are the most tangy. In terms of price, wood mushrooms are about twice as expensive as imitation wood mushrooms, and wood chaff mushrooms are several percent cheaper than imitation wood mushrooms.

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