MinMin in Uk Grand Opening Announcement!


After few months of preparations,I would like to proudly to declare MinMin In UK is officially opened!

Recently, there are more and more Hong Kong citizens moving to the UK. We understand that many of you may have experienced missing food from your hometown, but sometimes it is hard and inconvenient to purchase the groceries you want in a foreign country.

To provide high quality and reasonably priced Hong Kong local groceries, we have been working hard on communicating with various trustworthy suppliers.

We promise all the products sold in our shop are genuine, as we are sincerely hoping for the best option with the costly shipping fee.

Within the first three months of our opening, we will be mainly selling dry goods such as snacks and dried seafood. First 100 customers are offered a 10% off discount on their first order over £55.

Promo code: MinMinFirst100

All price listed in our website are tax-included. Purchase items will be delivered to the address of your choice during normal business hours.

Thank you for support MinMin In UK

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